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>>  Lavalier micHC-4021


It has a good feeling, clear and energetic tone for the carefully chosen unidirectional condenser microphone cartridge. Its excellent anti-jamming function helps you focus on it, and perform your style  of speaking and hosting perfectly to acquire more popularity from the audience.
Soft body with exquisite iron collar clip makes it very mini and fashion.
Unidirectional polar pattern; smooth, full and clear tone can compete with dynamic microphone.
Lighter, soft connecting configuration can minimum the noise.
Many connectors, match for many kinds of launch system.
Polar pattern: unidirectional                           
Mic diameter:  6.5*5.0 mm
Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
Output Impedance: 680                          
SNR: >58dB
Standard Operation Voltage: 2.0V-10V.DC        
Wire: 1.0m
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